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Why Does My Property Need Grading?


Before you start a construction project, you’ll need to prepare the ground around the site for use. This process is called grading and it ensures that water flows properly on your property. Doing this correctly is essential, so make sure you hire a contractor who has the knowledge and experience to keep your investment protected.

Building Foundations

The main reason why land is graded is to ensure proper water runoff. Positive grading slopes away from your home so that the water flows away from the foundation. If this is not the case, your land will need to be altered significantly to prevent pooling water at the base of your foundation.

Parking Lots

In a parking lot, water flow is incredibly important to make sure that the lot doesn’t flood. You may believe parking lots are flat, but they are actually slightly sloped toward drainage systems to prevent the water from pooling.


Similar to parking lots, a driveway is not just a flat surface of paved concrete. Driveways must be angled properly to fit with the drainage and grading on the rest of the property. Like a parking lot, you don’t want water pooling around your vehicle! Puddles aren’t fun to step in while wearing dress shoes.

Make sure you hire an experienced grading contractor for your construction site preparation. We can grade and clear your property to get it ready for building. Call 256-841-4439 for a quote!