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5 Reasons to Add a Pond to Your Property

Backyard Pond
Does your backyard look like it's desperately in need of a makeover? If your family is currently in need of some landscaping help, one of the quickest ways to transform a piece of land is to add a water feature, like a pond.
But a pond isn't just for show. A well-constructed pond brings a variety of benefits to your property and household. Here are five key reasons why you should contact us to begin excavation on your new pond today.

Increase Family Time

Do you have children or teenagers in the house who are always staring at their phone or playing a video game? Perhaps it's time to give them a reason to head outside. A new pond could be the perfect excuse to bring the whole clan together.
A pond can be used for a variety of family friendly activities like feeding the pond's fish or some fun gardening work in the surrounding area.
Set up a patio or outdoor furniture near the pond and you might find everyone coming together, even if they still stare at their phones. A beautiful pond provides a great environment to simply go outside and enjoy Mother Nature with your loved ones for a little bit.

Increase Entertainment Options

Of course, your pond could also be a great way to get the good times rolling with your friends, coworkers, or relatives. A pond provides a pleasant backdrop for your next backyard BBQ or you could use it as a more active source of entertainment.
If you love to fish, consider stocking your own pond with plenty of your favorites. Then you can invite your buddies over every weekend for a little fishing action, right in your own backyard. Just pull up a chair and crack open a beer, no boat required.
If fish aren't your thing, consider making a game out of rock skipping at your next gathering. You'll feel like a kid again as you desperately try to obtain that elusive third hop across the water.

Increase Curb Appeal

Your pond doesn't need to be located at the back of your house. If your front yard could use some additional curb appeal, install a large water feature to freshen up your yard.
While a front yard pond will likely be smaller, choose to do more with the surrounding landscape to help it stand out. Add rocks, plants, or even a waterfall and your property will suddenly be the most eye-catching on the block.

Increase Rest and Relaxation

Have you felt stressed out lately? Install a water feature on your property to melt the tension. You don't even have to go outside necessarily, just crack open your kitchen window and let the natural sounds of your pond or waterfall wash over you.
Add some ducks, geese, or other friendly water-creatures to your pond and you can start each day with a relaxing activity like feeding the wildlife, right from the comfort of your own backyard.

Increase Property Value

While installing a pond will of course cost money, you need to think about the big picture here. Add an elaborate water feature or two to your property to permanently increase its value.
If you do one day need to sell your home, your pond gives you a feature that helps you stand out in a crowded real estate market and start the bidding at a higher list price.
At Able Hauling & Excavating, we have the experience and equipment necessary to get your new pond installed quickly. Contact us today to add a feature to your home that you will cherish for years.